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Completely Natural

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100% Pure Food


“ATX FOOD CO. uses high quality unprocessed ingredients from farms and food growers to prepare meals that maximize both nutritional value and taste wonderful. I am proud to say that this menu has valuable nutritional benefits“  
Joel Kahn, MD
Cardiologist & Author
Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity

ZerØ Waste


“We handpick ingredients with minimal ecological footprint.  Saving thousands of gallons of water and reducing tons on emissions compared to other types of feed and food.  I strive to practice zero waste management.“  
Raad Mansour

102 Minerals

for health

“I highly endorse the Austin Food Company’s Menu that I have evaluated and found to be nutritionally balanced and complete. These delicious plant-based combinations are a perfect example of food as medicine.“
Carlos Hernandez
Master Herbalist & Clinical Nutritionist

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